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„Not just one of the best German drummers – that’s bull****. Simply a worldclass drummer…“
(Richie Beirach)

Patrick Manzecchi has worked and toured with Sheila Jordan, Paolo Fresu, Richie Beirach & George Mraz, Barry Harris, Arthur Blythe, Bobby Watson, Dick Oatts & Gary Smulyan, Scott Hamilton, Harry Allen, Teddy Edwards, Pee Wee Ellis & Fred Wesley (the original „J.B.Horns“), Rose Ann Dimalanda (a.k.a „RAD“), Mark Soskin, David Friedman, Gregoire Maret, Pierre Favre, Jimmy Woode, Reggie Johnson, Vince Benedetti, Harvie Swartz, Tim Hagans, Allan Praskin, Dusko Goykovich, Joe Gallardo, Dan Barrett, Arkady Shilkloper, Lyambiko, Torsten Goods, Sebastian Studnitzky, Gary Barone, Peter Madsen, Sandy Patton, Lisa Bassenge, Anke Helfrich, Torsten de Winkel, Joo Kraus, Steffen Schorn, Gregor Huebner, Olivia Trummer, Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, Bernd Konrad, Luluk Purwanto to name a few, and played with many more renowned German, Swiss, French, Italian, Austrian and Czech musicians in clubs and at festivals and on more than 40 CDs besides countless radio- and TV broadcasts, as well as music for dance productions, theatre and film music. He has recorded 4 CDs under his own name and runs his own concert series “Jazz im Kulturzentrum” in Konstanz since 2007. Besides that he teaches in Konstanz and in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland). „Jazz is my musical home“, he says in one of his interviews, „and I take my profession very seriously.“

Patrick was born in Paris (F) in 1969. He is the son of Franco Manzecchi who was one of Europe’s most in-demand drummers of his generation. The father tragically dies in 1979 after moving from Paris to Konstanz (D) in 1977 with his family. „The loss of my beloved daddy drove me to Jazz, I immediately was attracted to the music, and not necessarily to the drums at first“, says Patrick, and „Jazz was and is my solace, my sanctuary“. Nevertheless, the 10 years old son Patrick starts to play daddy’s drums, rather by coincidence, just for fun, and soon tries to copy what the drummers do he listens to. His love, his motivation indeed are not so much the drummers but the musical universe itself: Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie are his early heroes – a bit later, at age thirteen, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis join in. But there’s no great music without great drummers. So, until now Max Roach, Art Blakey, Kenny Clarke, Roy Haynes, Philly Joe Jones, Shelly Manne, Stan Levey, his father Franco Manzecchi, Jimmy Cobb, Albert „Tootie“ Heath, Frank Dunlop, Ben Riley, Alan Dawson, Sam Woodyard, Joe Harris, Billy Higgins, Joe Chambers, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Daniel Humair, Peter Erskine, Bill Stewart and Al Foster remain under his favorite influences on the instrument. In his teens he even manages to watch most of them in live which calls Patrick to be very decisive for him. He notes about his idols, while interviewed: „It’s about personality!“

After graduating school Patrick begins his studies of languages (italian/french) but quits and finally opts entirely for Music after all those years. He’s freelancing quite a time and soon former Duke Ellington-bassist Jimmy Woode recognizes his undeniable talent and announces him funnily as „King of Schlagzeugwerk“ at concerts while worldwide renowned pianist Barry Harris (Dexter Gordon, Cannonball Adderley) adds the confirmation „You really know the stuff…“ after a remarkable one week stint together in 1999 – and it is exactly that year too that Patrick works for the first time with another mentor of him, the unmatched legend Richie Beirach (Stan Getz, Dave Liebman, Chet Baker) who calls him to be „the most talented drummer in Germany“ back then, what heavily motivates Patrick to go ahead and finally become a complete and professional drummer: he decides to visit the drum school „Drummer’s Focus“ in Stuttgart to learn how to read music although being completely self-taught. Patrick Manzecchi never stopped to grow musically ever since and has always appreciated to encounter new challenges – from all traditional Jazz forms over Free to Rock and Funk.

„You’ve got Funk!“
(Fred Wesley)


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